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{Art} : 3D Hand

A couple of months back the boys and I went to an art studio for a painting class.  While we […] {Read More}

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{Science} : Fingerprinting

One thing I wanted to do with our school this year is to have more fun.  One area it is […] {Read More}

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Clay Boats : Round 3

Every so often I like to repeat experiments that the boys and I have done in the past.  For one […] {Read More}

LEGO Build Challenges

{LEGO Build Challenge} : Pet

This week the kiddos were challenged to build a pet.  The pet could be one they already have, one they […] {Read More}

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This is What Our Homeschool Looks Like

Everyone’s homeschool looks different at different times. Some people have “school” at home, where they have a room dedicated to […] {Read More}

LEGO Build Challenges

{LEGO Build Challenge} : Bird

With today being the first day of spring I thought it only appropriate that the kids build a bird today.  […] {Read More}

LEGO Build Challenges

{LEGO Build Challenge} : Bridge

This week’s building challenge at our LEGO group was to build a bridge. Rules: 1.  Can use any LEGOs you […] {Read More}

jacksonpollock&oobleck 118

{Art} : Jackson Pollock Art

I had been waiting for a warm day so that the boys and I could do some Jackson Pollock inspired […] {Read More}

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Roll & Spell

I am still trying to find fun and creative ways for Thing 1 to practice his spelling words.  Here is […] {Read More}

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