More Cars Fun

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

After our little day off yesterday, the boys and I were back at it again this morning.  Thing 1 even invited his “friends” (stuffed animals) to join us at school today.  Both boys were so ready to start “school” that they hardly gave me a chance to get everything set up.

Today we did a bit of science and math.  We used a ramp to test which Cars car would travel the farthest. 

Setup:  At one end of our dining room I set up a ramp from which we would release the cars.  Next to out ramp, I set up a measuring tape, so that we could quickly measure the distance.  I used one of our large white boards to make a chart on so that we could record our results.

7-28-11 Cars Measurement Activity 010

To begin, we talked about how scientist do experiments and how they have to record their data.  We also hypothesized which car would go the farthest. 

Experiment:  One by one the boys took turns releasing the cars down the ramp.  Once the car stopped we measured the distance that it traveled in inches.  This was a great way to practice reading numbers and it also was a fun way to introduce numbers all the way to 100. 

7-28-11 Cars Measurement Activity 002

Results:  After all the cars had been released and their measurements recorded, I asked the boys which one went the farthest.  Thing 1 named three cars that were all within three inches of each other.  I circled those numbers on the graph and then we marked each one on the tape measure.  Thing 1 was then able to quickly identify which one went the farthest. 

7-28-11 Cars Measurement Activity 016

The boys had a great time and both boys got in some great practice reading numbers.  Although I know Thing 1 got way more out of it than Thing 2 did.  It was a lot of fun and a great way to make learning fun.

This afternoon we played dominoes with our Cars dominoes. I was really impressed how quickly Thing 1 caught on, and I was even more impressed that Thing 2 started to understand the game.  It was also a lot of fun to play a game with the boys and it not always be “I win” or “no, I want to do it my way.”