Our “Classroom”

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

Since the boys thought that waking up at 5:30am was a good thing, we had a rough morning, since they were all a little tired.  So, we didn’t getting any formal schooling done today.  Although, Thing 1 and Thing 2 did work on fine motor skills, prewriting, and cutting skills, it just didn’t go along with our official theme of the week.  So instead of a boring post about nothing, I thought I would share with you our “classroom.” 

8-9-11 HS Classroom & Bike Ride 008

Below is the bookshelf that holds a portion of our “stuff.”  On top of the bookshelf are three buckets.  The yellow and green contain our science stuff and the blue one hold my laminator.  The top shelf holds all of “mommies supplies” and the things that I do not want the boys to have free access to.  The second shelf down holds my binders in which I store all of the ideas and pages that we have used with our different themes in the past.  The yellow, green, and blue notebooks are going to be portfolios for the boys work this year.  Following that shelf is the a shelf that holds our cd player and the paper that the boys always have access to. Second from the bottom is the workbooks (that we rarely use) and our math manipulatives.  The bottom shelf holds some fun games, random craft supplies and a few more workbooks.  I also have a whole closet up in our playroom that houses the rest of our craft supplies.

8-9-11 HS Classroom & Bike Ride 002

Next is our table which holds, two spinning towers that contain crayons, markers, pencils, glue, scissors and a pen for each boy to use.  This way they both have their own supplies, especially since Thing 2 doesn’t take as good of care of his things as Thing 1 does.  I also have a little basket that the boys use to put their trash in.  {Thank you Target dollar section.}  In the middle is the folders that I uses to put our activities in each school day.  I also have a copy of my lesson plan in the middle for quick reference as I am working with each boy. 

8-9-11 HS Classroom & Bike Ride 003

This is our calendar/storage area.  I put our calendar on the china cabinet so that we can see it every day.  To the side I store our two white boards, which we use in different places all the time, and our morning board which we use every morning. 

8-9-11 HS Classroom & Bike Ride 004

This is a little reading area I have created for the boys.  They each have a rocking chair and in the middle is a little table/storage box, where I house our library books for the week.  This allows Thing 1 and Thing 2 to get to the books and keeps Thing 3 out.  It also has allowed me to keep track of most of the library books a little easier.

8-9-11 HS Classroom & Bike Ride 005

This is our desktop computer desk, which I use part of the time and it is the computer the the boys can use when they are playing games on the computer. 

8-9-11 HS Classroom & Bike Ride 007

That is about it, this is our official “classroom,” but honestly, we do stuff all over our house. 

Just a note, a lot of the yellow, green and blue storage/organizational stuff was bought at Target in the dollar bins.  I love their back to school organizational stuff.