My Three Little Learners

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

Today was a low key day here in the Cameron house.  All three boys are still a little under the weather, although Thing 3 seems to be the worst. 

I have been working really hard the last few weeks to make our school room a fun place for everyone, even Thing 3.  Last night, I came up with a few ideas of simple things for Thing 3 to play from stuff that we already have around the house.  My goal is for him to have activities that will keep him occupied in our classroom when I am working with the big boys.  This afternoon Thing 3 found one of the activities that I had put together and he loved it.  It is great motor skill practice.

8-17-11 Learning - all three 010

8-17-11 Learning - all three 011

During our school time today, I only had one student.  Thing 2 fell asleep during rest time, so Thing 1 and I did school today.  It was nice to only have one student and we were able to get through everything much faster than we can when Thing 2 is around.  Thing 1 was also more focused and got more practice than he would have if Thing 2 were around.  Ultimately, this means I need to find a way to work with each boy one on one.  I know it would benefit both of them.  Thing 2 did do a couple of school activities, but he was having more fun coloring a picture for Thing 3. 

8-17-11 Learning - all three 012

This evening before bedtime, Thing 1 and Thing 2 made it back into our classroom and found a alphabet puzzle that I had picked up in the Target dollar bins.  They spent 20 minutes before bedtime working on the puzzle together, twice.

8-17-11 Learning - all three 017

Learning with the Cameron Clan!