Our Classroom, Again

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

Anyone who knows me, knows that I like to rearrange room/stuff in our house all the time.  Every week when my husband gets home from out of town, he goes on a hunt to find what all I have changed over the course of the week.  Well, this week I rearranged our “classroom.” 

Yes, I know that last Tuesday I posted pictures of our classroom.  However, by Thursday, I had changed it and I spent some time this weekend tweaking it.  I am not pretty happy with our “new room.”

8-15-11 HS Classroom and organization 001

Above is the new reading area, that now includes our “morning board,” cork boards to hang the boys work and one of our white boards with our theme for the week, Spanish word of the week, each boys objectives for the week, and our field trips. 

The popasuan chair was in our bedroom, and the boys loved it, so I decided to move it into the classroom.  I am hoping that at times when I am working with one kiddo the other could sit in this chair and work on something that I don’t have to help them with or read a book.  All the library books and the ones that go along with our weekly theme are still in the little box between the two chairs. 

8-15-11 HS Classroom and organization 021

I made the three hanging cork boards out of the cork board squares, which I hot glued to some foam board.  I then hot glued some cute ribbon to the top and hung them from push pins.  I love the way they turned out and it will be a great place to hang all of the boys work for the week so that they can show their daddy when he gets home on Fridays.  I am also thinking I might take a picture of it every week as a way to show/document the things they have done.

8-15-11 HS Classroom and organization 020

Our “morning board” is where I put our calendar, the pledges, the yesterday, today and tomorrow information, our address and phone number, what’s the weather like?, and what season is it?  I found most of the pieces from the blog Confessions of a Homeschooler.  This is where we start each day.

8-15-11 HS Classroom and organization 003

As you may have noticed, the wall with the cork boards was where our table use to reside.  However, the lighting in the “classroom”/dining room is not the best, so I decided to move the table to infront of the window.  There is much better light and it is natural light.  It is also much closer to our desktop computer, so it makes are great space for me to work on all my “stuff.” It also allows me to help one boy while watching the other one if they were using the computer.  Lastly, the view is so much better and it has already sparked some great conversation as we look out to our front yard. 

8-15-11 HS Classroom and organization 002

Welcome to our “new” classroom.  Hopefully it will stay like this for a while.