Robots : Day 2

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

Today was a great day in our little homeschool.  Originally, I was thinking that school wasn’t going to happen, because the boys are still really tired from their colds.  However, when I mentioned not doing school today and everyone taking naps instead, Thing 1 immediately, said, “no, I want to do school, school is fun.”  How can I say no to that?

So after a bit of rest time, the boys and I began our “school” for the day.  We started with a little bit of handwriting practice.  Thing 1 can write all his letters, but he doesn’t form them “correctly,” so we are going to have to focus a little more on handwriting for a while.

8-16-11 Robot HS Day 2 004

Next, to incorporate Thing 1’s number, sight words and a little more handwriting practice we used his sensory {rice} bin.  I hid cards with numbers and the sight words written on them in the rice.  As he would pull a card out of the bin, he would tell me what it says and then write it in his journal. 

8-16-11 Robot HS Day 2 006

During this time, Thing 2 was working on sorting different robots by sizes.  Once he was finished sorting the robots by sizes, he then took it upon himself to sort them by color.

8-16-11 Robot HS Day 2 007

Then we moved on to some sight word practice for Thing 1 and cutting practice for Thing 2. 

8-16-11 Robot HS Day 2 012

8-16-11 Robot HS Day 2 014

It was a fun and successful day, it really makes the late nights worth it.