Another Benefit from the Daddy and Thing 1 Blog

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

As you may have read yesterday, I set Thing 1 and Daddy Cameron up with their own blog.  The purpose was simply to let Thing 1 have his own special way to communicate with Daddy Cameron while he is out of town every week. 

I witnessed another unexpected learning opportunity from the blog this evening as we did our first real blog post to daddy.  While I was reading to Thing 2 I had set up Thing 1 with my laptop.  I asked him if there was anything he wanted to type.  He rattled off a sentence, and I typed it for him to copy while I went to read to Thing 2. 

8-21-11 R on Computer 005

When I came back to his room, he was almost done.  At one point he was looking through his words to see which ones he had missed.  As he was reading down his list, he asked me if that was the word “daddy.”  I said yes, because it was.  It was not a word that we have spent any real time learning.  It made me realize that this blog, which started as a way to communicate with Daddy Cameron may actually be an amazing learning tool. 

Learning with the Cameron Clan!