Thomas : Day 2

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

Today was much like yesterday.  From the moment that the boys woke up they were ready to do some school. 

Here is a much shorter recap of the days events:

Thing 1

  • Started with some writing practice.  This is probably Thing 1’s least favorite part of school. 

8-23-11 HS Thomas Day 2 010

  • We also worked on some reading practice.  I think this is starting to be his favorite part, because he is actually starting to be able to read words in real books.  Also, I think that he responds a little better to the You Can Read sight word curriculum than he does to the Ready to Read curriculum.  The You Can Read program is a little more active.  There seems to be a little more variety within the program.  Ready to Read, is a great program but it has several activities that Thing 1 does not respond or want to do.  I think we are going to continue to do the program, however I am going to add some activities that are more similar to the You Can Read program to keep him interested. 

8-23-11 HS Thomas Day 2 015


Thing 2

  • He was really excited about doing school today.  Lately everywhere we go, if he sees the letter B, he yells, it’s a letter B.   So while I worked with Thing 1 on his reading, Thing 2 started with his size sequencing.  He has quickly figured out how they work.

8-23-11 HS Thomas Day 2 014

  • Next came a little pre writing practice.

8-23-11 HS Thomas Day 2 016

  • We followed up with some cutting practice.

8-23-11 HS Thomas Day 2 019

  • Lastly, planned for the day was a shape sorting activity.  We started by reviewing all the shapes.  Once we had reviewed all the shapes, I would give him a card and he would match it.  However, once we had finished the activity he asked for the “rocks,” so he could cover up the pictures.  So we turned that into a game, in that every time he put a rock on a picture he had to tell me the shape. 

8-23-11 HS Thomas Day 2 020

  • I thought we were done, however, he saw the pre writing sheets with Thomas and Percy on them that he had done yesterday and wanted to do those again.  Who am I to stop him?

8-23-11 HS Thomas Day 2 022

Yes, I know he is holding the marker wrong.  He was doing it right before I took the picture.  Figures.

Just another day Learning with the Cameron Clan!