Thomas : Day 3

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

Today we completed day 3 of our Thomas and Friends theme.  The boys are still loving school.  I say school, and they start running.  I am sure there will be a day soon, when they don’t come running, but I am enjoying every minute of it while they do.

School happened a little differently today for a couple of different reasons.  First, since the boys have been so in to school this week, we have done almost everything I have had planned for the week, and then some.  Therefore, today was spent doing a lot of things that we had already done.  However, I did try and change them up so that they felt “new.”

Secondly, I was able to work with each boy individually.  Today I put together a few “centers” for one boy to do while I worked with the other.  I literally put them together 2 minutes before we started school, but despite the lack of planning, I was able to get the one on one time that I desired.   So I consider it a success that I am going to start adding into my planning. 

Since I was able to work with each boy one on one, I was able to do the play doh activity with Thing 2 that I have wanted to try.  I am so happy that we were able to do that, because he absolutely loved it.  He did several different shapes after we did his name a couple of times.

8-24-11 HS Thomas Day 3 016

Thing 1 had a pretty light day since he has completed just about everything for the week.  We did do some word family practice and some sight word tracing.

8-24-11 HS Thomas Day 3 025

This week has definitely taught me that I need to plan a few more activities.  Honestly, I had no planned a lot since I will be out of town on Friday.  In hindsight, I should have planned Friday, because that would have allowed me to have some more activities for tomorrow.  I will be winging tomorrow, but I don’t think the boys will mind as long as they get to do school.

Just another day Learning with the Cameron Clan!