A Request

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

This morning while I was reading a few blogs, Thing 1 came into my room.  I had just downloaded a set of cards that had pictures of different animals on them.  These cards belong to Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler.  She wrote a curriculum called Road Trip USA, that she is using with her kiddos this year. 

Well, Thing 1 immediately asked about the cards.  I explained that they are pictures of animals from all over the United States and that this lady is teaching her kids at home about the states this year.”  I gave him too much information.  Next thing I know, he wants to learn about it too. 

Now if you don’t know Thing 1 or Thing 2 they both have a real interest in the states.  Our United States map is one of the more popular items in our classroom.  Actually, Thing 2 pulled it out today.  Anyway, both boys will ask you were certain states are located.  Thing 1 can point to Texas, South Carolina, Montana, Kansas, California, and probably a couple of other ones. 

So, who am I to stand in the way of the boys wanting to learn.  So in addition to our letter of the week theme, I am going to be adding in states.  I am not going to do the entire curriculum, but I am going to pick out the more age appropriate material so that the boys can learn about the states.  Besides, we drove through most of the southeast during the summer and if we go visit Daddy Cameron in California, we will actually have actually been to a good portion of the United States this year.  Thus, why not help the boys learn about it.

Off to do more planning!

8-19-11 Blog-planning 002

This a typical picture of the breakfast nook table every time I talk about planning.