In the Month Ahead : September

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

It is hard to believe that September is already here.  What happened to using the summer to plan our first year of home school?  Oh yeah, I couldn’t decide where to start.  Anyway, I feel like we are finally on our way, with only a few hiccups (like this week).  So I thought I would share with everyone what we are doing this month.  I have attached copies of my first lesson plan (no editing done.)  I am hoping to get some time to edit them in before the week that I teach them.  If not, you can see why I was a math teacher and how well I type at midnight.

8-19-11 Blog-planning 002

September 5-9: 

September 12-16:

September 19-23:

September 26-30:

  • Ii is for Insects  {Insect Lesson Plan}
  • Field Trip: Insect Hunt around the neighborhood (This might change if I can find something better)

This schedule can change at any time, but as of right now this is our current plan. 

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