Pinterest– An Awesome Planning Helper

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

About two months ago, I discovered Pinterest.  It has been the biggest help in my homeschool planning. 

Pinterest Logo

Pinterest is basically a social site, that allows you to post pictures of the activities as well as a link to the site where that activity is located.  When you find things that you want to be able to find later, you can “pin” them onto one of your “boards.” 

Pinterest has become a major component of my homeschooling adventure.  Since we are not using a “boxed” curriculum, it is on me to come up with our lessons each week.  Which means I spend a lot of time on the internet looking for great ideas that go along with our theme for the week. 

For example, as I was planning our pirate theme that is coming up in a couple of weeks, the first place I went to was Pinterest to start gathering ideas.  There are many other homeschooling moms out there who also use Pinterest to gather ideas.  Many of them have organized there “boards” the same way that I have, by themes.  So when I log in, I check out my boards and the boards of others that I follow to see what activities others have found for a pirate theme. 

Next, I start searching the internet to look for more pirate ideas.  If I find something I like, I can “pin” it to my boards, but using a shortcut that is installed on my computer. I don’t even have to be logged into Pinterest to “pin” and idea.  It takes a pictures and adds the link to whatever board you wish to “pin.”

Having all the different ideas, with pictures and the links in one spot makes my planning go a lot quicker.  I can easily sort through the ideas and decide which ones to do which day of the week. 

Honestly, with Pinterest, I have been able to cut my planning time down from a couple of hours to about 30-45 minutes.  It has been a timesaver.

Do you Pinterest?