Organizing Our Library Trips

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

Since we are not doing out Ll is for Lion Theme this week, I have decided that we are going to use this week to do some of the neat stuff that is done at the beginning of the school year and a few other projects that we will use throughout the year.

First up, we made library book bags.  Every time we go to the library, the boys just start throwing books into the bag that I have brought to carry our stash.  However, what happens is that the boys start fighting over which books “belong” to whom.  We also end up with more than the 25 books I can check out on my library card.  So, to help with this problem, the boys made library book bags. 

I purchased a three pack of blank canvas tote bags and fabric markers from a craft store. 

9-6-11 Outside Play and Library Bags 052

I let each boy decorate their bag however they wanted.  Thing 1 and Thing 2 really got into this. 

9-6-11 Outside Play and Library Bags 044

9-6-11 Outside Play and Library Bags 045

Now each boy has their own bag to put their library books into while we are at the library. 

Also, to alleviate the amount of books each boy collects, I made them a stack of numbered bookmarks to put into each book they put into their bag.  When all the bookmarks are gone, they can’t pick out any more books.  I printed the bookmarks out in the each boys favorite color and laminated them.  I also punched holes in them and clipped them together with binder rings, so that I can keep them together between library trips.  You can get the file I used {HERE}.

9-6-11 Outside Play and Library Bags 054

I hope to be testing it all out tomorrow!