Field Trip : Zoo!

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

L is for lions.  Where else do you see lions, but at the zoo.  So today, with amazing weather on our side, we headed to the zoo.   The boys were super excited to be going to the zoo.

9-15-11 Zoo 048

Of course, we had to go check out the lions.  As we showed up to the lion habitat we were a little disappointed.  Where the lion usually resides was closed.  Did I have some unhappy boys on my hands.  Once I was able to convince them to keep going, we made it to the lionesses side and there, taking a nap, was the lion.  The boys were much happier, I just wish we could have seen the lionesses, since we were studying lions this week.  However, I am happy that we were at least able to see the lion.

While we watching the lion, I took the opportunity to talk about all the information that we had learned about lions this week.  It was amazing how much Thing 1 was able to retain, especially since some of the facts we only took about once.  We also talked about the lions habitat.  What they eat.  Where they live. 

What an awesome day!