Fun at 4! {Week 1}

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

Welcome to Fun at 4, my new weekly post, where I share the weeks objectives for Thing 1, my four year old.  Since I have had to rework my game plan for the year for Thing 1 and he now has a curriculum just for him, I thought I would share our objectives each week in a post just about what my four year old is going to do.  Thus, Fun at 4 was born. 

My goal for working with Thing 1 is to keep it fun and hands on.  I want to stay away from worksheets as much as possible.  Many of the objectives I list I will cover in some activity that I make up.  Therefore, there won’t be any details provided in this post.  I will post the activities once we try them out, so be on the look out during the week.  However, if it has a printable or is something that I am using from somewhere else, I will add the link.

I hope you enjoy!

Fun at 4 (fill size)

Fun at 4 {Week 1}


  • 0-10 BINGO Game – {Printable HERE}
  • Counting backwards – (details to come)
  • Grouping – (details to come)
  • Shapes – Shape Hunt inside and outside of our house.
  • Making Sets – (details to come)


Sight Words : a, and, see, the, can, I , me, you  {Sight Word Train HERE}

  • Play with Sight Word Train 
  • You Can Read Unit 1
  • You Can Read Unit 2
  • Sight Word BINGO

-at family words

Handwriting and Arts/Crafts:

To begin the year, we are going to review a letter a day.  This week we are going to cover the letters A, B, C, D, E.  We will be using the handwriting practice pages from Confessions of a  Homeschooler.  This weeks arts/crafts will relate the letter of the day.

  • A – Apples
  • B – Beans
  • C – Cat
  • D – Dinosaurs
  • E – Elephants

I also have several other games/activities planned.  As we do them, I will share.

I am sure there are a few things I have forgot, but this is the basics. 


What are you doing with your 4 year old this week?


Mommy Cameron