L is for Lion

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

Thing 3 and I “started over” in regards to the school year.  Each week we are still going to cover a letter a week.  However, instead of having one theme per letter, each day is going to be a different theme. 

Today we started with L is for lion.  We did a L is for lion week two weeks ago.  This was the week that I realized what we were doing for our home school wasn’t want I wanted from our home school.  That being said I only used one printable from that week, the pre-writing sheet. 

9-26-11 Magnets, Lions, Apples 086

After using that prewriting sheet, we moved onto a much more exciting and hand on activity.  We made a lion from the letter L.  Thing 2’s favorite part was gluing the mane on the lion. 

9-26-11 Magnets, Lions, Apples 089

Next we moved onto a lion paper craft {HERE} that had a heart shaped head.  Hearts are the shape we are focusing on this week.  This turned into some great cutting practice for Thing 2.  I was really impressed with how well he did.

9-26-11 Magnets, Lions, Apples 105

The rest of his “school” day was spent working on a heart scavenger hunt, sorting the colored hearts and graphing the hearts. 

At the end of the day, I reviewed everything again with him.  Unlike, two weeks ago, today he was able to identify the letter L.  I feel like today was so mush more successful than the whole entire week we had spent two weeks ago.  It was also a lot more fun.

How was your day?

More to come with the Letter L.

Mommy Cameron