Jacks with Beans {Math Activity}

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

On Tuesday, Thing 1’s letter of the day was B for beans.  Whenever I am planning an activity, I like to incorporate as many subjects as possible.  This week we played jacks with beans.  9-27-11 B's Bday, Zoo, Lemons, Beans 048


  • lima beans (we used 20)
  • bouncy ball

Set Up:

Place all the beans in the middle between players.

To Play:

Let the youngest player go first.  You drop the ball and try to grab as many beans as possible during one bounce and then catch the ball.  To be honest, Thing 1 wasn’t able to catch the ball, but he tried and understood the premise of the game.  We played until all the beans were gone.

Each time we would count the number of beans.  Then at the end of the game we would count each others beans to see who had won. 

Also, on this day we practiced counting backwards so we would count the beans forward and then backwards. 

9-27-11 B's Bday, Zoo, Lemons, Beans 052

What activities have you done with beans?