Mommy Thoughts {9.26–9.30} – Success!

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

This was our first week with our “new” homeschool and let me say how successful it was, how much more fun we had and how much more relaxed I was.  YAY!  We I definitely needed a good week like this week.

9-30-11 Painting and a Frog 023

Our weekly bulletin board filled with a lot of this weeks work.  There is more, I just didn’t get it hung up.

Our family science study this week was based around magnets.  Thankfully the weather was cool enough that we could enjoy some fun activities outside.

9-26-11 Magnets, Lions, Apples 032

We also studied Texas and Oklahoma in our Road Trip USA  curriculum.  The boys wanted to start with Texas, since this is where we live.  The Oklahoma coloring page lead to a fun discussion about tornados with Thing 1, who is not a big fan of thunderstorms. Thus the reason, he ended up in our bad last night.

Thing 1 worked on the letters A-E, which was super easy for him.  We also did some fun math related games {Jacks with Beans and Counting Backwards.}  We also continued to work on sight words and the –at family words. 

9-27-11 B's Bday, Zoo, Lemons, Beans 048

Thing 2’s letter of the week was L.  We have fun making lions, lemonade and Lincoln Log projects.  It was amazing to see the the light in his eyes when he actually recognized the letter L on his own. 

9-26-11 Magnets, Lions, Apples 084

Thing 3 even got to do a little painting this week.

9-29-11 OK, C Painting, Dinos an Playdough 030

As for me, there were a couple of things I learned this week also. 

The first is that if I can, I should attempt some of the fun activities first.  This way I know if they work and I have some time to figure out what I need to do differently so that they work with the boys.  One time where this would have helped this week is on Tuesday when we were trying to write in “invisible ink” (aka lemonade).  We struggled to get it to work and by the time it did kind of work, Thing 2 wasn’t interested anymore.

Secondly, we are going to have to use a more traditional workbox system, where I can give Thing 1 a few things to do on his own, that relate to the days topic, while I get some one on one time with Thing 2.  Thing 1 is just so eager to learn, that he wants to start immediately, but I need to work with Thing 2 first since his is only three and his attention span shows it.  I am hoping that I can find activities that he can do with very, very little instruction that relate to the days topic to keep him busy while I work with Thing 2. 

Overall I am super excited about how our week went.  I think the major overhaul of our curriculum did the boys and I some good.  I am excited to see where next week takes us.

Mommy Cameron


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  1. sharla says:

    Love the “L” lion page Thing 2 is working on in the photo!

    We are using workboxes this year too and I have found some easy activities to keep my younger ones occupied to put in their workboxes while I work with some of the older kids using the letter of the week curriculum at Confessions of a Homeschooler. Hope that helps!

    • Thanks for sharing. I am hoping to that the workboxes make it a little easier, we shall see tomorrow. 🙂

    • Thanks. I have been trying hard to find hands on learning activities for the boys that don’t break my bank.

  2. Jessy says:

    Your “Things” are very cute!

    But it’s hard juggling all of them! I have 3 older “things” myself and some days I feel pulled every-which-way! It’s definitely a challenge to get it all worked out…for a while. Sounds like you’re headed there!

    LOVE your hands-on projects and the littlest with those paint hands! LOL

    • Thanks. I am sure once I get it figured out things will be a bit easier for all of us.