Fish in a Tank {Math}

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

Today’s math objective for Thing 1 was counting to 20.  We were also reviewing the letter F.  Our theme was f is for fish, so as a way to incorporate both the math objective and our theme for the day, I created the fish in a tank game. 

10-3-11 Letter T (T2) and Letter F (T1) - Day 1 011


  • goldfish crackers
  • jar or bowl to hold fish (we used some clear jars I had)
  • die (we used a 20 sided die in order to practice counting to 20)

Set Up:

Simply give each player some goldfish and their own fish tank.

To Play:

Each person takes a turn rolling the die.  The number that is rolled on the die is the number of goldfish that you put in your fish tank.  We went 6 rounds and then counted the total number of fish.  The one with the most fish wins.

10-3-11 Letter T (T2) and Letter F (T1) - Day 1 012

There were several other math objective that came out of this that I would have never thought of when I came up with the game. 

  • Every round before I would put my goldfish in my tank, we would discuss which number was greater.
  • This game also turned out to be great one to one counting practice up to 50. 
  • At the end, when we were counting up the total number of goldfish, I lined them up in groups of 10.  This allowed me to introduce the idea of grouping to count.  It also was a way to introduce the idea of skip counting.

What surprises have you had today?


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