Fun @ 4 {Week 2} : Letters F – J

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling


Today was F is for Fish.  We started the day with letter F handwriting practice, which turned out to be a needed review.  However, once I showed him once, he was good.

We then moved onto the super fun fish in a tank game.  Thing 1 did great, but in some ways I think he was more excited to eat the goldfish at the end of the game. 

10-3-11 Letter T (T2) and Letter F (T1) - Day 1 011

Next up we worked with our sight word train and –an family train.  Thing 1 loves some trains.  We also did a couple of the worksheets from the You Can Read Set 3

10-3-11 Letter T (T2) and Letter F (T1) - Day 1 014

Once we finished with our reading practice, we finished up with a quick craft.  I had Thing 1 glue the goldfish into the ocean to make the letter F and f.

10-3-11 Letter T (T2) and Letter F (T1) - Day 1 016


We didn’t have school on Tuesday.


Since we did not have school on Tuesday, Thing 1 practiced writing both G and H.

In math we worked on patterns with golf balls.  At first I made patterns and had Thing 1 complete the pattern.  Then he decided he wanted to make a pattern for me.  I was excited to see him to take the initiative.  However, instead of Thing 1 letting me complete the pattern, he told me what to do.  So he was still getting the practice he needed.

10-5-11 Letter T and Letter GH -an family 010 

We also worked more with the –an family.  We reviewed the beloved –an family train and the we worked on a word/picture match activity.  He was a little reluctant at first, but then he got into it as he realized that it was easy.

10-5-11 Letter T and Letter GH -an family 019


Thursdays letter was I.  Since Thing 2 was using the geoboard to practice making the letter T, Thing 1 wanted to use the geoboard to make the letter I.

10-6-11 Letter T and Letter I 023

After some sight word practice we did a fun activity.  I gave Thing 1 some sugar cubes.  I wanted to see what he would want to make the sugar cubes.  He immediately started making an igloo.  He even realized that he would have to have something on the inside to hold the igloo together.

10-6-11 Letter T and Letter I 039


Daddy Cameron was available to play with the boys for a good part of the day, therefore, Daddy trumps school.

It was a great week for Thing 1.

Mommy Cameron