Pumpkin Surprise and More

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

As part of Cameron Class this week the boys and I are doing some fall related activities.  This morning we began our week by dissecting some gourds and pumpkins. 

10-10-11 T Bday, Pumpkins, Walk, School 016

Before we cut into each pumpkin or gourd, I had the boys makes some observations, which I turned into a bubble map. 

10-10-11 T Bday, Pumpkins, Walk, School 017

I then would cut each pumpkin or gourd in half so that the boys could explore the inside.  Thing 3 was even able to participate in this.

10-10-11 T Bday, Pumpkins, Walk, School 025

When we finished making observations and filling in our bubble map, I had the boys write/draw in their journals some of their observations.  I also had Thing 1 pick one of the observations that we made and write that sentence in his journal.  This was the easiest time I have had getting Thing 1 to do any sort of handwriting practice.  He was actually excited to do it.

10-10-11 T Bday, Pumpkins, Walk, School 035

We then finished up with the “what’s inside a pumpkin” craft that has been floating around Pinterest

10-10-11 T Bday, Pumpkins, Walk, School 037


Totally 3:

This afternoon, I worked with Thing 2 on the letter H and counting.  After a little bit of pre write practice, I had Thing 2 match the correct number of clothespins to the correct witches hat {file HERE}  (covers letter H, hat and Halloween.)  I was pleasantly surprised how quickly he caught on to the activity.

10-10-11 T Bday, Pumpkins, Walk, School 041

After a few other activities I also had him glue the letter H and h onto a piece of paper.  The goal was to make a hat, but Thing 2 wasn’t having it.  Oh well.  At least we practiced he letter H.

10-10-11 T Bday, Pumpkins, Walk, School 049


Fun @ 4:

After Thing 1 did his handwriting this morning during our pumpkin fun, I should have just left well enough alone because Thing 1 wasn’t feeling the whole handwriting thing.  So we quickly moved through that and onto math.

I had created a train picture using the hundreds chart ( File HERE ).  I would call out the numbers and have Thing 1 color the squares.  He wasn’t so sure about it at first, but he quickly got into the activity.  This was also the first time he had ever seen the chart or even seen most of the numbers about 20.  I was surprised how quickly he picked it.  By the time he was finished he was really excited about the activity and wanted to do more.

10-10-11 T Bday, Pumpkins, Walk, School 051

After the chart we worked with our sight words and –ap family words.  Then we finished the day by making some pumpkin spice play dough.  I have no idea why I waited so long to make our own play dough.  It smelled yummy. 

What was your school day like?  What is your favorite play dough recipe?