Totally 3 {Week 3} : Letter H

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

Totally 3 (Ful Size)


This week were are going to explore the letter H, and review the letters L and T.  This weeks topics include:

  • hat
  • house
  • hippo
  • Halloween


This week we are going to expand to the number 3.  Although, like last week there are some activities that will have Thing 2 counting up to 6.


Our focus this week will be on a star, however, Thing 2 will be exposed to all of the shapes.  My intention of starting with hearts and stars, is that these are shapes I know that he was familiar with, so that we could start his homeschool experience with some success.

Much like Thing 1, there are still some areas of Thing 2’s curricula that I need to modify.  I feel like I am learning as much, or more than they are each week.

What do you learn each week?