A little bit of Letter H for House

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

Today was all over the place.  It was raining, thundering and lightening this morning, so I wasn’t able to go on my morning run.  Thing 1 only wanted to color trains.  We had swim lessons and Thing 1 didn’t want to swim.  We had a play date at our house and as our friends were trying to leave, they somehow managed to lock their keys in the car, although we have no idea how.  So our friends were over at our house a little longer than normal, (YAY for me, because I didn’t have to entertain the boys all on my own.) 

So school didn’t happen as normal.

Fun @ 4:

Thing 1 did not want to do school today, he really just wanted to color trains.  However, he did at least write his sight words on one of his trains, so I will take it.

10-12-11 Letter H and C coloring 016

Totally 3:

Thing 2 however, asked for school.  So we did his handwriting practice because he loves writing with the dry erase markers. 

We also did our letter craft for the day which was to make a house out of the letter H.  I had pre cut all the pieces and had him glue the parts onto the paper.  I did have to explain to him that we had to use glue all over the parts so that they would stick to the paper.  Sometimes I forget the little things that I have to explain.

10-12-11 Letter H and C coloring 010

Lastly we did some cutting practice from one of the Kumon books that I have had around here for a while.  While he didn’t do it perfectly, he has greatly improved over the last 4 weeks.  He has moved past the cut and tear method to completely cutting.  However, instead of cutting straight he veers to the left a little bit. 

10-12-11 Letter H and C coloring 015

Although school didn’t go exactly as planned the boys and I still learned a little bit and had a great day.

Mommy Cameron