Letter I and Gravity

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

So I had planned to write this post 4.5 hours ago, but that was before some lightening decided to strike near my house causing some electrical current to run through my legs, killing my AC and my TV/internet.  However, since I can’t sleep because of all the “fun” I have had over the last 5 hours, I figured I would write this post anyway.  Therefore, if it makes no sense it is because I have had a looong day.

Fun @ 4:

This week is the first week where we are studying a topic that interest Thing 1 rather than reviewing a letter of the day.  Much more exciting stuff. 

We started our day with our new sight words (go, up, down, here) and reviewing the –at word family.  Pretty standard stuff around here.

We then moved into math, where this week we are going to be learning a little bit about money.  So today, I gave Thing 1 some change, and had him sort the money.  It was interesting for me to watch him, because for some reason he would get the pennies and the dimes mixed up.  Which to me, I think those are the easiest to differentiate.  Instead of comparing the color, when I questioned one of his decisions, he compared size. 

10-17-11 School, all 3 boys, Letter I, Falling Objects 019

Next we read the book I Fall Down by Vicki Cobb as a transition into our study of the solar system.  When did an experiment where we dropped items of different sizes and shapes to see which one would land first.  I let Thing 1 pick out the pair of items and had him hypothesize which item would land first and why.  Then we dropped the items and recorded the results.  It did not take long for Thing 1 to realize that no matter which items he dropped and how different they were that they would always land at the same time. 

10-17-11 School, all 3 boys, Letter I, Falling Objects 024

I then had him record/write about our experiment in his journal.  He drew a picture of him and I in the dining room.  He was dropping the items and I was standing there looking awesome!  I had him dictate one sentence about the experiment, which I wrote onto a small white board for him to copy into his journal.  His journal is how we are now working on handwriting and it goes over so much better than the handwriting sheets we were doing before. 

Totally 3:

This week Thing 2’s letter is the letter I.  We started off this week with I is for insects, although the more insect related ideas, didn’t get done. 

Handwriting/Letter of the Week:
I first had Thing 2 work on his name pre-write that I made a long time ago.  For the first time today, he was able to spell his whole name.

Next we moved onto a new exercise for Thing 2.  I had him us a push pin to poke holes in the letter I and i.  He definitely thought it was cool that he was able to use the push pin. 

10-17-11 School, all 3 boys, Letter I, Falling Objects 011

This week our focus is on the numbers 1-3.  We used the butterflies counting cards from Confessions of a Homeschoolers Letter of the Week program to work on counting.  I was really impressed that Thing 2 was able to identify the numbers, 1, 2, and 4, because identifying the numeral is not something that I am stressing right now.  We were able to do the number 1-6 before Thing 2 decided he needed some milk.

10-17-11 School, all 3 boys, Letter I, Falling Objects 014

This week’s shape is a square.  So as a simple way to introduce him to the shape, I cut several different color and sized squares for him to glue onto a sheet of paper.  It wasn’t the highlight of his day, but anything that uses glue is a hit around here.

10-17-11 School, all 3 boys, Letter I, Falling Objects 015

Cutting Practice:
Thing 2 likes to cut, so each day I have decided to put a different cutting sheet into his workbox.  Cutting these papers can amuse him for a while and he is starting to do a great job.  However, one thing I have noticed lately is that he will use both his left hand and his right hand to cut.  I find it intringuing to watch.

10-17-11 School, all 3 boys, Letter I, Falling Objects 016

Letter Craft:
Lastly, to reinforce the letter I, I wanted him to make a butterfly using the letter I as the body and make some wings.  However, since he was fresh off cutting practice, he decided that he wanted to practice cutting more and there for decided to cut the papers we were using instead of cutting out the parts to make the whole.

What did you do today?