Our Schoolroom Update

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

Surprise, surprise, I rearranged our schoolroom again.  However, it was for a really good reason this time.  Our previous table was just not working for us anymore.  It was a 2ft. by 4ft table, which is why it was moved from the table we actually ate at to our school table.  It was just too small.  It worked great for two boys, but Thing 3 had decided that he is ready to join the fun, so we needed more space. 

So as I was talking to my husband last Monday I was angling for a new table for or schoolroom, and then the house was stuck by lightning, ending our conversation.  However, this weekend I was able to work towards getting the new table.  Well it is actually two tables from IKEA put together.  Also, while I was at IKEA, I picked up new chairs to go with our new table.  

However, because the table was over double the size of our last table, I had to rearrange our schoolroom to make it all work and here is the finished product.

10-24-11 Fog, Letter L, Space, School 041

Workboxes and Kids Work



Desk Area

reading nook

We are loving the new tables.  We have spent more time in our schoolroom than anywhere else in the house this week!