Fun @ 4: Constellations

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling


Today Thing 1 and I talked about constellations as apart of our outer space study.  The big hit of the day was making a few constellations using cheerios and string.  I found the printable constellation lacing cards, but instead of using them as lacing cards I wanted to use them as patterns for our cheerios and string.  My original plan was to transfer the patterns to black cardstock, but lightning strikes and life got in the way, so we just did this on the printout instead. 

10-27-11 Rainy Park and School 077


In our math studies today we continued with measurement.  I had Thing 1 use two different size paperclips as a way to demonstrate why we need things like rulers.  I gave Thing 1 an assortment of items to measure using the small paperclips and the large paperclips. 

10-27-11 Rainy Park and School 066

I would first have Thing 1 estimate how many of each size paperclips he would need.  Then we would measure the object using both the small paperclips and the large paperclips.  We recorded all the answers on a small whiteboard. 

10-27-11 Rainy Park and School 069

Once we had recorded all the answers, I asked Thing 1 a series of questions concerning our results.  Which lead to a discussion about why we have rulers and how important it is to have a standard tool of measurement.  I even pulled several rulers and tape measures out so that he could physically see that even though all of the rulers were different, he could pick up any of them and get measure the same number every time. 

Fun @ 4 Today!