Fun @ 4: Toilet Paper and the Solar System

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

We just about finished our study of the solar system (we will finish up tomorrow since Daddy Cameron will be gone most of the day).  Today, we put all the different parts solar system that we have studied together.  I borrowed yet another idea from my friend who writes at Crunchy and Green.  We took toilet paper and used it to create kind of a scale model of the solar system.  Thing 1 was super excited about our project.  Thing 3 just wanted to play with the balls planets.  Here is how our product turned out. 

10-28-2011 TP and Solar System 004

I really wanted to use the salt dough planets that we had created over the past two weeks, but Saturn had a tragic accident and we were missing Mercury, Venus and Mars.  So I had to create planets on the fly.

Here is the link to the paper with the scale we used to do this project.  However, we used the toilet paper with the smaller scale model, because I wasn’t going to use 20,721 sheets of toilet paper. 

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