Totally 3: F is for Frogs

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

This week we are doing the letter F.  Today was F is for frog. 

11-8-11 Playdoh, Dinosaurs, Frog, 032

Letter Activity:

After doing our pre writing practice for the letter F, I introduced Thing 2 to the letter F.  I wrote the letters F and f on one of our small white boards.  On the other board I wrote the letter F and f several times, along with several other letters.  I then had Thing 2 circle all of the letters F and f he could find.

11-8-11 Playdoh, Dinosaurs, Frog, 023


For math, I had a really fun frog and fly activity planned, however, I failed and didn’t get the frog or the flies made, so instead we used paperclips.


Simple game.  Roll the dice, count the number of dots and then gather that number of paperclips.  At the end of however many rounds, the person who has the most paperclips wins. 

11-8-11 Playdoh, Dinosaurs, Frog, 024

It was easy and simple.  Best of all was that Thing 2 was able to practice counting one to one all the way up to 12.  He also was able to tell me which was the greater number each time. 

11-8-11 Playdoh, Dinosaurs, Frog, 025

The second math activity we did was color/shape sorting.  I picked up some rubber shapes at Target dollar spot awhile back.  I would pull a shape out of the bag and I had Thing 2 tell me the shape.  Then he decided to sort them by colored “towers.”  It was simple, easy and cheap practice.

11-8-11 Playdoh, Dinosaurs, Frog, 026


Since today was F for frog, we had to make a frog.  I have to admit that I was not prepared for this, so while he was circling the letters F and f, I was busy cutting out the pattern.  Thus this is the reason that this is not the greatest frog in the world.  However, Thing 2 loved his frog and needed little help gluing him together.

11-8-11 Playdoh, Dinosaurs, Frog, 031

What have you done with the letter F?

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