Fun @ 4: Horned Dinosaurs

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

Today was another exciting day of learning.  Some days I wonder who is more excited in our house, me or the boys. 


We continued You Can Read Unit 7.  We also read half of the second BoB book in set 1.  Thing 1 did great.  I think he just needed a little bit of motivation.

11-9-11 Letter F and Horned Dinosaurs 008


In math this week we started talking about fractions.  Using pattern blocks I introduced the idea of a whole and 1/2.  Thing 1 picked up the concept in no time.  He even looked at me at one point and said, “that was easy.”  

11-9-11 Letter F and Horned Dinosaurs 011


Horned dinosaurs was our focus today.  So while I read a book about horned dinosaurs, I had Thing 1 look through all of the dinosaurs we have and find the horned dinosaurs.  However the highlight of today’s dinosaur study was making triceratops masks.  Thing 1 wanted to make a pentasaurus mask, but I was having a lot of trouble making horns.  Oh well.  Thing 1 had a great time decorating and making his mask.  The only part I did was making the horns and the string that holds the mask onto his head.

11-9-11 Letter F and Horned Dinosaurs 017

What have you done today?