Totally 3: F is for Feathers

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

I have a confession to make… I had a really great week planned for Thing 2, however, I did not do a great job of getting all the materials together.  Therefore, I completely winged today.  Thankfully it turned out well.

11-9-11 Letter F and Horned Dinosaurs 005


We did our usual pre handwriting practice today working on the type of lines that make up the letter F. 

Letter Activity:

One of the filler activities that I had printed out for Thing 2 came in handy today, as we used it for our letter activity for the day.  It was a simple color by F and f page found here. 

11-9-11 Letter F and Horned Dinosaurs 001

The second letter activity that also counted as our craft was a simple activity where I wrote the letters F and f on the paper and then had him glue some of the duck feathers that we have collected onto the paper. 

11-9-11 Letter F and Horned Dinosaurs 004

After all this fun, Thing 2 wanted to do dinosaurs with Thing 1, so he joined us for some dinosaur fun.  Thus, we didn’t have any formal math activities planned.

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