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Over the weekend I made some changes to our curriculum and today was the first day we tried to implement some of them.


To be honest, I haven’t been practicing counting to 100 with Thing 1 like I should have, so today we practiced counting to 100.  Using a hundreds chart and our link cubes, Thing 1 counted to 100.

11-14-11 School and nature walk 012


We practiced out sight words from You Can Read Set 8.  We did a couple of the activities from You Can Read then using our our sight family train and magnetic letters, I had Thing 1 practice spelling the words.

11-14-11 School and nature walk 009

Thing 1 and I also reviewed the –at family words again, however this time around, I can tell that he has a better grasp of what he is reading rather than just guessing.

Last up in our reading adventure we continued reading with BoB books.  Today I reintroduced the letter sounds for c and d.  We also, reviewed the sounds from last week.  Then I gave him two words to spell using letter tiles.  I really took the time to slow the words down so that he could “hear” the sounds.  He did great and was able to spell the words pretty quickly.  Then we read pages 1-4 in the book 2 or set 1. 


We are continuing our study of dinosaurs this week.  Today we talked about stegosaurus.  However, Thing 1 wasn’t interested in doing a craft, he was really in a hurry to finish school so he could go build a train track outside.  We were able to read 2 books about stegosaurus, the we did a quick bubble map about stegosaurs.

11-14-11 School and nature walk 014


For handwriting practice, Thing 1 has been choosing one sentence from our bubble map to write.  Today he picked the sentence “Stegosaurus had spikes.”  There are a few letters he has been struggling with and he picked a great sentence to work on those letters.  He did get frustrated, but we were able to work through it.

11-14-11 School and nature walk 016

 After this it was off to build a huge train track on the back patio.  Love that it is 80+ degrees in November!

11-14-11 School and nature walk 018

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