Totally 3 : {Letter B}

Thing 2 studied his favorite letter this week.  The letter B.  Due to the holiday season we have scaled back on some of our activities.


He did the pre writing activity that I made that connects the letters of his name.  He also did both the parts of the letter B handwriting pages from 1+1+1=1.  I love these worksheets because they are simple and laid out with plenty of space.

Letter Activity:

On Monday I cut out pieces that can be used to put together the letters B and b, and had him glue them down to make the letter.

Tuesday, I made a quick letters B and b, poking page.  Basically, I wrote out the letter B and b and gave him a thumb tack and a piece of cork board.  He really gets serious when it comes to the poking pages.

Thursday, we finished up using our magnetic pom poms and the pattern blocks to make the letters B and b.  Thing 2 thought that the magnetic pom poms were pretty cool. 


We are following along with the Saxon Math Kindergarten curriculum, except that I am adapting the math activities more towards his interests.

This week we practiced one to one counting using jingle bells.  I mean it is Christmas and we could always use a little extra noise around here.  What I discovered is that he can count with one to one correspondence up to 13.

We also worked more with AB patterns using M&Ms.  On a small white board I wrote A and B, and then along the bottom I wrote ABABABAB.  So we identified what each letter stood for by placing a M&M next to the letter in our key.  Then he filled out the pattern.  We did this a couple of times with the M&Ms.  I think his favorite part was eating the M&Ms.

Thursday we used pattern blocks to create the letter B.  Also, going along with the Saxon curriculum, we sorted by color and then graphed. 


We are still using pages from the Kumon Cutting Book.  This week Thing 2 really impressed me with his skills.  He was able to cut 1/2 strips from a rainbow and two round objects.  Up until this week, he was still just cutting randomly, but this week, he finally followed the directions and the lines and did an awesome job.

He finished cutting the rest of the strips in the rainbow.


We read the book BoB Books Alphabet book together and on each page I had him locate all the letter B and b.  We did the same thing with the Benjamin Bunny (Frog Street) book that Thing 1 made in preschool last year.  We also sang the songs that go along with the book.

Really Fun Stuff:

We have been making lots of different Christmas crafts as part of our 12 Days of Kid Made Christmas.

What has your 3 year old been up to this week?

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4 Responses to Totally 3 : {Letter B}

  1. […] I dealt with the two extremes when it came to teaching my children.  I had Thing 2, who could not wait to learn.  Each day when I asked who was ready to do school, Thing 2 would come running.  While we were doing school, he kept asking for more work to do.  I loved it!  Not only that, but he has made some amazing progress.  He cuts almost as well as his brother.  He is starting to grasp the concept that letters stand for sounds.  He is constantly yelling out all the letters that he now recognizes.  It is awesome. You can read all about Thing 2′s week HERE. […]

  2. Looks like you had a fun week. I like the graphing activity. We’ll have to try that sometime.

  3. […] This week Thing 2 and I worked on one to one counting with jingle bells, color sorting and graphing, and AB patterns.  I have to say that by far Thing 2′s favorite activity was the AB pattern practice because it involved M&Ms.  You can read more about Thing 2′s week HERE. […]

  4. I’m very impressed at what you do with your kids! It looks like they have a fun mom and they have a fun time! I love your Christmas crafts.