12 Days of Kid Made Christmas : Day 5 {Hand Stamped Paper}

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

I have a hard time finding wrapping paper that I like.  I am kind of weird and picky.  Last year, I gave up on finding some paper I liked and had the boys help me create paper of our own.  Not only did I get paper that I loved, but it added a personal touch to all of our gifts.



roll of brown paper (I got mine at a local craft store)
simple sponges

1.  Take the sponges and using cookie cutters to trace the different shapes you desire.  I traced my son’s hand, a train, a tree, a bell, a star, stockings, and a few other things.  Anything that reminds you of Christmas.  Then cut out your shapes.

2.  Then decide what colors you want to use for each stamp.  Then set up your paint.  I put puddles of paint on differnt paper plates.

3.  Dip your stamps and stamp on the paper.  Have Fun!