12 Days of Kid Made Christmas : Day 11 {Pom Pom Tree}

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

I’m not sure what my vision was when I started, but we have two different versions of the same craft, because the boys only wanted to use the big pom poms.

Floral arrangement cone
pom poms (assorted)
green construction paper


1.  Glue the green sheet of construction paper around the cone and trim any excess.

2.  Glue on your pom poms.  We used tacky glue so that the boys could do it without my help, but a glue gun would work well too.

3.  Enjoy!

Here is Thing 2’s tree.  Thing 1 was too busy making train tracks and other stuff to finish. The glue is still wet in all of these pictures.

Here is my version/vision.

Only one more day left!