10 Days in {January}

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

Each month I try to come up with 10 fun crafts/activities for my boys and I to do that relate to month.  I thought during 2012 I would try to share those activities with everyone in case you would like to join us.

 During the month of January here are the 10 crafts we are going to try to do/create.

1.  Make a stained glass snowflake using contact paper and tissue paper.

2. Make a snowglobe.  There were so  many great ideas floating around during Christmas, but I thought I would save them for January.

3. Make hot chocolate.

4.  Make penguin using my kiddos feet as the bodies.

5. Milk Carton Creation.  January 11 is Milk Day, so I figured I would let the boys create anything they would like using a milk carton.

6. Learn to read a thermometer.  Here in Texas the temperature in January can be all over the place.  Also, the numbers are going to be smaller so that Thing 2 might even be able to read the numbers.

7. Make 3D snowflakes, similar to these HERE.

8.   Make a puzzle.  January 29th is puzzle day.

9. Make a dreamcatcher on January 13th of Make Your Dreams Come True Day.

10.  Read Polar Bear, Polar Bear by Eric Carle.

You can get your own copy of the list HERE.

Do you have any fun ideas for the month of January?

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