{Totally 3} a Little Bit of Letter D

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

This week was our first full week back to school.  Thing 2 was super excited to get back to school and to be honest, I was glad to get back to a more stable routine.

I have not taken as many pictures this week because I have changed a few things up, so I have less down time to take pictures.  Hopefully, as we adjust to the new method I will get a little better about taking pictures again.


Handwriting practice continues to consist of the writing practice pages from 1+1+1=1 for the first two days of school.  On the third day I created a writing sheet that had Thing 2’s real name on it as well as the letters A-D.

Letter Activity:

Our most exciting letter activity this week was taking Thing 2 to get doughnuts.  You might have thought it was Christmas all over again.  I love that he gets so excited by the simple things.

I also introduced Thing 2 to some letter puzzle that I had bough back at the Target dollar spot back in August.  They are simple two piece puzzles for each letter.  One piece has the capital letter and the other piece has the lower case letter.  He loved these, so we did them every day this week.

Thing 2 also did the usual letter poking page which he loves.


This week we took a break from the Saxon kindergarten curriculum and did some fun stuff on our own.  We worked on shapes,  by making them from play dough.  Thing 2 did a great job recreating the shapes I had drawn using play dough snakes.

I also had him do a size sorting activity using from the Letter of the Week curriculum.


We are almost finished with the Kumon cutting book.  He is doing great, but I want him to continue to practice, so I think I am going to start making him some cutting pages.


We continued to read through the BoB book alphabet book having Thing 2 point out all the letters D and d he sees.

Hopefully I will have a few more pictures next week.

What have you done with your 3 year old this week?