{Totally 3} Yummy Letter B (Printables)

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This week was Yummy Letter B, for bananas and blueberries!  Thing 2 is really starting to enjoy the Yummy Letters and he gets excited to see what we will be making for each letter.


This week, Thing 2 continued using the pre handwriting, and handwriting sheets that I made to go along with Yummy Letter Bb.  He is not interested in handwriting practice right now like he was a couple of weeks ago, so I am not pressuring him to complete the handwriting.  However, we do take the time to talk about the pictures and the letters we see.  I at least try to get him to trace the lines with his finger.

Letter Activity:

This week we continued with some of Thing 2’s favorite activities; including the letter maze and poking pages.

I also cut our pieces together to make the letters B and b.  I wrote the letters on our white board and had Thing 2 recreate the shape.  He did a great job and was super excited that he was able to do it.


We did lots of math activities this week. We started the week making the number one out of blueberries.  We also counted the blueberries.

Thing 2 worked on AB and ABB patterns.  I was glad to see that the patterns were relatively easy for him to do.

He also did a letters Bb roll and graph that I made for him. He immediately understood how to do this.  While he was working, I would periodically stop and ask him which one had the most, which column had the least, and so on.

We also talked about circles.  One day I had cut out three different size circles, a small triangle, and two different shaped rectangles, for him to create a snowman.  Before he put his snowman together, I had him identify all the different shapes.  We also put the shapes in order from largest to smallest.

I also did a car park game with Thing 2 that works on counting and number recognition.  I simply made a parking lot with the numbers 1-6. Then he would roll a die, count the number and drive his car to the appropriate parking spot.  You can get the printables I made of this activity {HERE}.

Pre Reading:

As in weeks past, I am continuing to read books to him, while taking time to have him locate the letters we have already talked about.


We made some super yummy blueberry muffins.  You can get the recipe for the muffins we used {HERE}.  Thing 2 and Thing 3 helped me make the yummy muffins.

What fun have you done with the letter B? 

All the printables I made for the letter B:
Car Roll and Park {HERE}
Yummy Letter B {HERE}

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  1. Mmm we love blue berry muffins. Will be trying your recipe. Nice B acivitiies.


  2. Bet says:

    Looks like a fun week =-) Thanks for linking up to TGIF! See you next week,
    Beth =-)

  3. Sarah says:

    Neat idea: Yummy letters! Looks like he had a very fun week!

  4. Aimee says:

    That turned out great- they looked like they had so much fun! I like how they had to build the letter B out of parts! Thank you for sharing your ideas with us on The Sunday Showcase ~Aimee

  5. LOVE the car driving activity and am off to go make one for my son!

  6. So many great B activities! I like how you made the B out of blueberries, and the roll and park idea is so cool!