{Fun @ 4} New Math Curriculum

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

Thing 1 had another great week.


For handwriting practice I have started to get Thing 1’s input on what he wants to write.  So as part of his school day I have him dictate a sentence to me.  Then I take the sentence and use the ABC box font and type the sentence for him and leave space for him to illustrate the sentence.  The next day, I give that sheet of paper to him to use for handwriting practice and to draw a picture to go with the sentence.  At the end of the week we put those pages together to make a book.


We began using All About Reading Level 1, this week.  I started Thing 1 on lesson 16, because this is the where he needed to start.  We have been reading all of the stories that come before lesson 16 and he hasn’t had any issues.


This week I started using Singapore Math 1A with Thing 1.  Saxon Math 1 is a great curriculum, but it just was not working for us.  It was taking longer than it need teach a concept, which was frustrating to me and to Thing 1. He seems to be more mathematically inclined, so we needed something that was going to challenge him a little more. Also, because of the way Saxon is so structured, it did not allow me the freedom to make it the lessons relevant to Thing 1.

Thing 1 and I both had some fun this week with our math lessons.  The first was a new version of the engine shed game I had made for Thing 1 way back last year.  We played a game where we took turns rolling the dice and then parking our train on the word that went with the number that was rolled.  The first person to park all of their trains won.  Thing 1 won, which made him super excited.

We also played a number/word matching game.

You can download the Engine Shed Game {HERE}.
You can download the number/word matching {HERE}.

What have you done with your 4 year old this week?