{wONEderland} back to “school”

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

This week has been our first full week back to “school” in over a month.  This mommy needed a break.  However, we are back and I updated Thing 3’s workboxes with some new activities.  Here is some of what his week looked like.

We attended a the C.R. Smith Museum, where we enjoyed learning about simple machines and airplanes.  Thing 3 was trying to lift up more than his own weight with the lever.

He enjoyed playing with playdough and safari animals while his bigger brothers did their “school” for the day.  I really think he was just hanging around waiting for goldfish.

We played with the new house pet animal cube.  He really  liked the cat the best.

I also filled up 6 plastic Easter eggs with different types of beans.  He LOVED these.  He started out by shaking them and enjoying the noise they made.  Then he moved on to opening the eggs to see what type of bean was inside.  Once he had emptied all of the eggs, he then worked on putting all the beans back into the eggs.


What has your one year old been up to this week?  Leave a comment and share the fun you have been having.

Thing 3 is 19 months old.