{Fun @ 4} Back to Work

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

Thing 1 asked to do school almost every day this week.  I think the month off was good for his motivation.  Here is what his week looked like this week.

Sight Words
*Reviewed sight words and, me, you

*at, man, sat, am, an, ran, hat, gas, map

*Singapore Math 1A Lessons 13 Word problems using trains.  I put some trains into a shed and asked him to add some more.  Then he had to tell me how many there were all together.

*Singapore Math 1A Lesson 14 and 15

*From All About Reading: Read stories Slim Went West and Mud Milk.

Handwriting Practice
*I created three sentences for him to copy.  I will say that his handwriting is getting much better.

*Alice in Wonderland

*Story of the World Introduction

*This week we reviewed Arizona and New Mexico, using the coloring sheet from Road Trip USA, a power point I had made, and a few other activities that I created.

*What do plant need?  We set up an experiment where we will discover exactly what plants need.  We have three plants.  One plant will be given water and sunlight.  The second seed will only be given water, but no sunlight.  The third seed will be given sunlight, but no water.

{HERE} is the printables I made to go with the science activity.

*Artistic Pursuits Lesson 1 – Artist Compose

*What if the only color in the world was white?  Thing 1 answered the question and I typed it into his blog.

It was a very busy week back to school, but he had a great time and learned a lot.

What has your four year old done this week?