Back to Work

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

I know it has been very quiet in our little homeschooling world lately, but we are back.  We have been enjoying the cooler weather and spending a lot of time outside.  However, after a month and a half break we had our first day back to school today.

This week we are focusing on getting into a new routine that I am hoping will work better for all of us and not run me ragged every day.  Since the focus this week is on routine all of the boys’ work is review.  I decided to review for two main reasons, number one, I wasn’t sure how much they were going to remember and secondly, I wanted to ease everyone back into the school habit.

Overall, I day went very well.  The boys did their work with only minimal complaint.  Most of the complaining came as we were getting started.  Once we were into the work, they were super enthusisastic about it.  I was also surprised how much they acutally remembered.

Hopefully the rest week we go just as well or even better.