{Krazy in Kindergarten} Week 4 : 6.4-6.8

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

So I am a little behind in my kindergarten posts, but instead of stressing out and trying to catch up, we are just going to get back on track today.  Here is what Thing 1 and I worked on last week.

We spent time working with both addition and subtraction.  The most of difficult concept of the week for thing one, was deciding which sign (+ or -) was needed to make the problem correct.  I was really proud of him for staying patient and figuring it out.

Thing 1’s favorite lesson of the week was doing subtraction by counting backwards instead of using some sort of manipulative.  To introduce the concept I put the numbers 0-10. I then had Thing 1 stand on any number.  I would then give him a number to subtract and he would jump back that many numbers to get the answer.  What was so great about this activity is that he was so in to it he asked to do addition problem too.

Thing 1 sight words for the week were here, big, and said.  He also read three short books during the week.

Spelling words for the week were: bit, hip, pit, win, dim, lid, rib, zip, fit, lip, rip, hid.

Thing 1 and I took a trip through the states of Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho.

This week was our first week of learning Spanish.  Our focus was on greetings and the numbers 1-10.  I choose this as our starting point because Thing 1 was partially familiar with these concepts.

We are continuing our study in Story of the World, Volume 1.  This week we covered Chapter 2, which was about the Ancient Egyptians.

This was the bulk of Thing 1’s week.  Over the next few weeks, I plan to add in our science, art, music, PE, literature, and handwriting to our weekly schedule.  My desire to slowly work up to including everything in our weekly schedule instead of going from zero to sixty in one week.  So far this has been great for both of us.

 Thing 1 is 5 years, 1 month.