{Krazy in Kindergarten} : Reading Frenzy

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

The last two weeks have been super crazy.

The week of June 18-22, Thing 1 had a lighter week of school, since I was busy trying to pack for our trip the beach.

We have taken a break from All About Reading Level 1 and have moved back into the BoB Books.  Thing 1 read books 2-5 in set 3.

He also practice the sight words: play, find and run.

Thing 1 spelling words this week consisted of Bob, God, mop, pot, Sam, Dan, Jim, Pam, rob, and sob.  All of these words were really easy for Thing 1.  Hopefully, he will continue to spell well, because I don’t.

Thing 1 is continuing to work through Singapore Math 1A.  This week we focused on ordinal numbers.  These were great lessons to use his trains as our math manipulatives.

Since it was a busy week, we continued to review greetings, colors and the numbers 1-10.

To go along with our trip, we studied the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina.

In an effort to get Thing 1 to clean up his handwriting a little more, I am going back to giving Thing 1 one sentence a day to copy.  This weeks sentences were all about the beach!

We completed lesson 2 in Artistic Pursuits, where Thing 1 used watercolors to create a picture.  The focus was on using the correct brush stroke.

In an effort to help Thing 1 start getting his thoughts together write, I will be giving him writing prompts to write about.  This weeks writing prompt was: What if there were no other colors?

June 25-29: Beach Vacation!
Since we spent the entire week with family at the beach, I really cut out everything but reading and math.

Our beach vacation just happened to coincide with the first three reviews in Singapore Math 1A.  So we spent the week working on those three reviews.

This is where the reading frenzy came into play.  Thing 1 read a total of 21 BoB books while we were on vacation!  He finished set 3, read all of the Kindergarten set and then finished all but 2 books in set 4.  He did finish those last two books today.

His reading is really starting to come along and much smoother.  However, I think the biggest accomplishment is that reading is finally coming a little easier to him, thus he is more willing to pick up a book and read.  Today, for the first time he realized that he can read things besides what is in books and he doesn’t need our help.

Despite two crazy weeks, Thing 1 really accomplished a lot.  I am so proud of how many books he read while we were on vacation.

How was your week?