The Sneaky Snake

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

As a family we are reading through The Beginner’s Bible and then doing some sort of craft or activity.  I want the craft to be simple and easy enough that even Thing 1 (who is 23 months) can do the activity just like his brothers.

This week we read and talked about Genesis 3, “The Sneaky Snake.”  When I was planning the activity a couple of weeks ago, one simple craft popped into my mind, a paper plate snake.


paper plate
markers, crayons, or whatever you want to decorate your snake with

1. Decorate both side of the paper plate.  It is easier to decorate the plate before you cut it.

2.  Starting in the middle of the plate, partially cut out a head shape, but before you get back to the beginning of the circle, start cutting around the plate in a spiral pattern.

3.  Decorate a head.

The boys loved their snakes and played with them most of the day and the best part was that Thing 3 got to make something just like his brothers. I never got a picture of Thing 3’s finished product 🙁


What activities have you done along with Genesis 3?  What other ways have you made snakes?

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  1. We are reading through that same Bible…and we love it! I love this snake craft too. I’m adding it to my resource list. Thanks!