{Bible} The Tall Tower

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

We are continuing to read through The Beginner’s Bible as a family and this week’s story was The Tall Tower (Tower of Babel). I read the story to the boys and we discussed the different parts of the story.

For our activity this week, the boys and I built a tower together (well kinda, Godzilla Thing 3 wasn’t cooperating).  The first time we built the tower, we were able to talk to each other.  Eventually we were able to get a little bit of a tower built.

However, the second time around, I did not allow the boys to talk to each other.  Needless to say, they were not successful.  Both Thing 1 and Thing 2 would try to put blocks on at the same time.  Of course, Thing 1 would push Thing 2’s hand out of the way.  One time, he managed to push Thing 2’s hand into the tower.  The boys soon grew frustrated until I let them talk again. At that point they just wanted to build their own towers.  That is where these pictures are coming from, since I didn’t take any during the actual activity.

What I really enjoyed about this activity is that it was something that Thing 3 could do with and just like his brothers.

Thing 2 protecting the tower from a godzilla attack!




What have you done to teach your kids the story of the Tower of Babel?