Boats that Float

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

Today we had our home learners group over to our house for a fun science activity, boats that float.

Using non-drying modeling clay, I created 7 different boats.  We had bowl shaped boats (yellow), disk shaped boat (blue), rectangle (green), canoe (orange), a pontoon boat (black), cup shaped boat (yellow), and a sombrero shaped boat (pink).

First, the children all made a guess or hypothesis as to which boat was going to hold the most pennies.  To be honest, most kids either picked their favorite colored boat or the one they thought was shaped the coolest.

Then, working in pairs, the kids took turns placing a penny in the boat. We recorded the number of pennies it took to sink each boat. The pontoon boat (black), sunk after only three pennies.  The bowl shaped boat (yellow), was the boat that held the most pennies.  It sank after holding 50 pennies.

Once we were done with the experiment, each kid had the opportunity to use some clay to make their own boat and see if it would float.

The boys had a great time and Thing 1 was eventually able to build a boat that would float.

Have you ever done an experiment with boats?