Advent Book Tree

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

For the first time ever, I am on top of Christmas.  All presents have been bought, decorations have been put up, and for once I have a plan for Advent for the boys.


This year we have and Advent book tree.  Each day the boys will get to unwrap one of the 25 Christmas books.  There are a variety of books in our tree, from religious based books to just plain old fun books. The books are a combination of books we already owned and a few new surprises.  Each day will bring something different.  What could be more fun?

To create our tree, I wrapped each of the twenty-five books in brown paper.  I then took some time stacking them various ways from largest to smallest.  Lastly, I took some fun colored curling ribbon and made a big bow to place on top.  These are the colors that went best with the rest of our decorations, however you could always change it up to work best for you.

How do you celebrate?


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