Egg Carton Christmas Trees

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

Today all three boys created another Christmas craft.

Egg Carton Christmas Tree

egg carton
pipe cleaner
paint or markers
anything to use as ornaments (buttons, pom poms, glitter, etc.)

1. First cut three of the “cups” from the egg carton.

2. Put a small hole at the bottom of each egg cup.  I used a pair of scissors to poke a hole through.

3.  Decorate using paint, markers or anything else you might have on hand.

4.  Once the paint has dried, then stick a pipe cleaner through all three of the cups and cut to the desired length.  Make sure to leave enough coming out of the top of the Christmas tree so that you can hang it.
5.  Make a loop or a hook with the top part of the pipe cleaner so that you have something to hang the ornament.

6.  You can always go back and add more decorations once it is put together.

My boys like to do crafts, however they are somewhat impatient (I have no idea where they get it).  So once they were finished painting they had no desire to go back and decorate it any further.  They really just wanted me to put the pipe cleaner through it so they could hang it up.




Just another day crafting with the Cameron Clan!