{Tricky Two} : Week 2

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

Thing 3 is still going strong with his desire to do school every day with his brothers.  Here is a quick look at some of the activities he did this week.

HD, School, Slime 025

HD, School, Slime 037


PomPoms in the egg carton.
We worked on color this week by Thing 3’s choice.  First, he started off matching the pom pom colors to the colors painted at the bottom of the egg carton.  Then we moved to using tongs to do the same thing.  He was in love with the tongs.  I have no idea how many times he did, and re did this activity.

 HD, School, Slime 055


HD, School, Slime 061

Block color stacking.
I bought these blocks a couple of years ago and they have been awesome.  I started off initially just wanting him to build towers.  However, it turned into a color learning activity.  He would stack the blocks and I would say the color of the block, which he would them immediately repeat.  That soon turned into him choosing the blocks and telling me what color they were. He also would look through the pile of blocks and make matches.  We also had a few different shapes which we would talk about.  Toward the end of our 20 minute period he was able to name the colors and the shapes that he was putting in his towers.  The best part to him was when the towers would fall over.

 biscuts and slime 010

Pattern Blocks.
Thing 3 picked this activity out of the busy bag bucket that I have sitting in the corner of our classroom.  I wasn’t sure he would completely grasp the concept, but we worked through it anyway.  After I did a few examples for him, he surprised me and was able to create the pictures himself.

Thing 3 had another great week.  Besides the structured activities listed above, Thing 3 also made a snow globe with his brothers at a play date, played with some homemade slime, and enjoyed some outdoor fun at the park.

Just a peak at Thing 3’s week!