It finally clicked…

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

This year I have really been focusing a lot of time on helping Thing 1 learn to read.  He has always loved to look at books.  He has been “reading” books by looking at the picture for years now.  Although he was making great progress, it just often seemed like torture to get him to read.  When I would get him started he would do fine, but getting him started was the problem.

wheelscience 021

However yesterday things changed.  Yesterday afternoon the boys and I had to run a few errands.  As we were getting ready to leave the boys found some beginning readers that I had recently bought.  So they each took a couple of books and headed to the car.

I expected the boys to do what they usually do, which was to look through all the pictures in the book.  Thing 1 had a snake book and suddenly decided that he was going to try to tell me about what he was looking at.  However instead of describing what he was seeing, he started to read the words.  Next thing I know he is reading the snake book to me, with very little assistance needed from me.

Next he asked to look at the Alvin and the Chipmunks book that Thing 2 had chosen.  I soon hear Thing 1 ask Thing 2 if he wanted him to read him the Alvin book.  We finished up our errands to the sound of Thing 1 reading to everyone in the car.

When we arrived home he got out of the car and exclaimed that he loved reading, especially to his brothers.  I was in shock.  This was coming from the same kid, who that morning I had to ask 50 times to come read with me.  It was a complete 180.

What amazed me even more was that he continued to read to his brothers, even as they played outside.  He also wanted to read the bedtime stories.  He was so excited about reading to his brothers.

However, I guess the biggest shock came this morning when we sat down to read during school time.  He finished a whole book within the 20 minutes and needed very little help from me.  Just a week ago we sat down to read that exact same book and it took him 20 minutes to read 4 pages while I helped him out what felt like every other word and I had to prod him along the whole time.

I even caught him reading to Thing 2 during their “recess” time after lunch today.

m&p,reading 004

Honestly, the last 24 hours have been exactly what this very tired home school mom needed.  We have about 8 weeks left in our first official home school year and needless to say I am tired as I work to finish up this year and plan for next year (which will start in May.)  It has been amazing to watch Thing 1 finally get it.